Hello, and welcome to Site Eagle.  I have recently been asked to build blogs/websites for a number of different people/organisations.  I love the versatility of WordPress, whether you just want to blog or build a professional standard website there is something to suit every need and proficiency.  The purpose of this blog is to explore the flexibility of different available themes and review their accessibility for novice site builders, review the pros and cons of them as I use them, and hopefully provide a useful and impartial analysis of each.

Everything I have learnt about building a website I have taught myself from long hours of tinkering with themes.  I started out with not even a basic knowledge, and now, although I understand basic html it is not something I am adept at.  This site is here to help provide useful tips and opinions for people who want to build a website or a blog and do not know where to begin.

As I work on sites I will blog about the themes I’m using and how they are working.  I may digress into other ramblings, as is my wont, hopefully they will all be useful in some way.

As with most websites Site Eagle uses cookies. For more information please visit the cookies page.

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